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Wednesday January 27

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10:00 AM  –  10:45 AM


Wednesdays and Fridays at 10am & 11am

Other slots are available on request. RESERVATIONS ARE BEING ACCEPTED NOW. These experiences are suitable for students in grades 4-12.

The cost is $100 per 30 students (max.) and $65 for each additional group. You will not be charged until your trip is confirmed.


Virtual Learning Experience: Allies in Action This program is suitable for grades 8-12

How do we balance our rights with our responsibilities? How can we use our rights to protect the rights of others? Is it our responsibility to do so? How can we be an ally to others?

In this interactive tour and workshop, students get to the bottom of these questions by studying art, videos, and primary source materials to learn about the importance of allies and allyship in the fight for equal rights. Students will discuss the presence of allies today, and how they can affect positive social change. Then, reflecting on their own motivations and inspiration, students will create a work of art to share.


Virtual Learning Experience: Approaching Conflict as an Upstander This program is suitable for grades 4-12 

How do we resolve conflict peacefully? Whose responsibility is it to stand up to conflict? What exactly is an “Upstander?”

This tour and workshop helps students find practical strategies for taking action when they see an opportunity to be an “upstander” for justice. Students will be introduced to a variety of conflict resolution strategies and vocabulary, and will come away with the understanding that conflict is a normal part of life.


Virtual Learning Experience: Heroes, from Comics to Reality This program is suitable for grades 4-12

Do superheroes walk among us? Is there a superhero inside each of us?

In this virtual tour and interactive workshop, students learn the tricks and the traits of real-life superheroes! Through games, small-group collaboration, writing, drawing, and discussion, students will dig deeper into the stories of ordinary people who have worked to ensure liberty for themselves and others. Each student will have an opportunity to draw their own superhero who embodies values that are important to them.


Interactive Virtual Field Trip: Welcome to Liberty This program is suitable for grades 4-12

What is liberty? What does it mean to you and to all of us? Is liberty for everyone? Students will work together to answer these questions and more as they explore our virtual Museum with our educators. Along the way, they will play games, encounter a range of art and artwork from local Philadelphia artists, and talk about symbols of liberty that have meaning to them.


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